What do IDM's generally say about the cost of installing, maintaining and operating compressor-based systems?

Upon installation, conventional compressor-based systems require 6-10 gallons of process fluid per loop. The LAUDA-Noah POU system only requires less than 1 gallon of process fluid, thus reducing the overall (fluid) installation cost.

Our customers demand lower Cost-of-Ownership. They have a critical need to solve conventional chiller reliability problems. These problems include frequent leaks that lead to excessive fluid consumption, frequent compressor maintenance, large footprint, short-lived deteriorating pumps, and poor support by their chiller suppliers. The mere size of a conventional chiller can prohibit on-site service, support, and repair without adversely affecting chamber up-time.

Recently, a survey was conducted at several leading IDM's concerning the most important attributes of a chiller/supplier. The top five (5) results of that survey are:

  1. Cost
  2. Proven track record
  3. Refurbish capability
  4. Redesign capability
  5. Energy Efficiency