Why does a compressor based unit consume more power than a POU system?

Etch applications using LAUDA-Noah POU systems generally operate at <20% of total system capacity, and under these circumstances consumes much less power when compared to a conventional compressor-based system. The LAUDA-Noah POU utilizes Peltier devices, which both heat and cool. Since the heat pump capacity is directly controlled by the applied power, energy consumption is based on cooling or heating demand. By applying power on demand, the POU system can also minimize the load of the facility water system, and saves the energy going into a cooling tower. Oxide etch typically releases heat, and metal etch consumes heat. Therefore, the LAUDA-Noah POU is uniquely capable of active energy recycling by heating and cooling with Peltier devices.

Conventional chillers have oversized pumps designed to manage ~6X more process fluid than a LAUDA-Noah POU while being installed in the sub-fab. These systems also incorporate compressors that are always running regardless of the load. This combination equates to an average power consumption of >2.2kW, which is more than 50% higher than a LAUDA-Noah POU system.