POU Sub-Floor Installation Example

POU Sub-Floor Installation Example

  • LAM Alliance 4520 ZERO Footprint at the fab level
  • 2 loops installed
  • sub-floor 3300 POU (2x)
  • PSC (2x) in Sub-Fab 2nd level
  • ZERO Footprint at the fab level

Sub-Fab Installation Example

The LAUDA-Noah PSC racks offer our customers a centralized location for power drops.

Save additional space by integrating up to 8-10 LAUDA-Noah Power Supply Controllers (PSC's) into a single 76" rack (example shown). This rack can also include the LAUDA-Noah Power Distribution Box (PDB) as well as communications modules (RCM's) as required. The PSC rack is also available in a 54" version.

PSC Racked Front

PSC Racked Rear

Equipment Chase Installation Example

For single level fabs or fabs using an equipment chase, LAUDA-Noah will engineer safe and low cost solutions for PSC & POU installations. Our experienced Applications Team will work with our customers on a case-by-case basis, targeting an optimized solution to meet their specific requirements. Below is an example of an installed PSC Rack:

PSC Shared Rack