Item Number: 3300
Product Category: Legacy Products

The model POU3300 Point-of-Use Thermoelectric Temperature Control System provides uniform and repeatable temperature control for plasma etch applications. The POU3300 system offers dynamic temperature control of the process chamber cathode / electrode / anode and can be synchronized with any etch process.

The accuracy of the POU 3300 allows for independent control of the process fluid temperature to the wafer chuck within +/- 0.1 °C of set point, and the fast response time of the system allows for maximum wafer-to-wafer repeatability throughout the etch process.

With the POU3300, you can achieve unprecedented results in etch performance, chamber uptime, reduced cost of ownership and fab space utilization – all while improving your process reliability.

Temperature Range: -20 to 90 °C
Cooling Capacity: 1200 W at 20 °C
Process Cooling Fluid Flow: 4 Gal/min @ 30 psi [15L/min @ 207 kPa]
Height: 22 in [56 cm]
Width: 4.6 in [11.6 cm]
Depth: 11.8 in [30 cm]
Weight: 55 lb [25 kg]
Certification: CE, SEMI S2 and SEMI F47 Compliant
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