Item Number: 3500
Product Category: Legacy Products

The model POU3500 Point-of-Use Thermoelectric Temperature Control System provides uniform and repeatable temperature control for plasma etch applications with higher RF loading and lower temperature processing requirements. The POU3500 system offers dynamic temperature control of the process chamber cathode / electrode / anode and can be synchronized with any etch process.

The accuracy of the POU 3500 allows for independent control of the process fluid temperature to the wafer chuck within +/- 0.1 °C of set point, and the fast response time of the system allows for maximum wafer-to-wafer repeatability throughout the etch process.

With the POU3500, you can achieve unprecedented results in etch performance, chamber uptime, reduced cost of ownership and fab space utilization – all while improving your process reliability.

Temperature Range: -20 to 90 °C
Cooling Capacity: 2400 W at 20 °C
Process Cooling Fluid Flow: 4 Gal/min @ 30 psi [15L/min @ 207 kPa]
Height: 22 in [56 cm]
Width: 7.64 in [19.4 cm]
Depth: 11.8 in [30 cm]
Weight: 84 lb [38 kg]
Certification: CE, SEMI S2 and SEMI F47 Compliant
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