Energy-efficient process circulation chillers from -20 to 90 °C.

The thermoelectric Semistat temperature control system offers reproducible temperature control for plasma etching applications. This system ensures dynamic temperature control of the electrostatic wafer chuck (ESC) and can be used in connection with all types of etching processes. The LAUDA Semistat thermoelectric temperature control systems are based on the tried and tested principles of heat transfer from Peltier elements. The use of these elements enables fast and precise temperature control, which is required for the demanding processes involved in the manufacture of ever smaller components.

By using Semistat temperature control systems, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 90% compared to compressor-based systems. A very small space requirement with the option of underfloor installation at the point-of-use minimizes the consumption of clean rooms. Thanks to fast and precise temperature control of the process temperature profiles to ± 0.1 K, improved wafer-to-wafer homogeneity is achieved.

Semistat S1200

The Performance You Need in The World’s Smallest Package

Semistat S2400

A New Mid-Range Size & Performance Benchmark

Semistat S4400

A New Standard in Performance To Meet The Most Demanding Applications