Item Number: S 4400
Meet the new flagship, the S4400. We have taken the legacy physical package of the POU3500 and have nearly doubled its cooling capacity - 4400W at 20C to meet the requirements of many demanding poly and metal etch process applications. You will experience unprecedented performance and energy efficiency in an industry leading package size that is easy to install by a single person in any clean room. The thermoelectric Semistat temperature control system offers reproducible temperature control for plasma etching applications. This system dynamically controls the temperature of the electrostatic wafer chuck (ESC) and can be used in all types of etching processes. The LAUDA Semistat thermoelectric temperature control systems are based on established principles of heat transfer used for Peltier elements. These elements allow quick and precise temperature control required for complex processes involved in the manufacture of components progressively getting smaller and smaller in size. Semistat temperature control systems can reduce energy consumption by up to 90% compared to compressor-based systems. Minimal space requirements with the option of underfloor installation at the point of use minimizes cleanroom use. Quick and precise temperature control of the process temperature profiles to ±0.1 K improves wafer-to-wafer homogeneity. Compressor and refrigerant-free system with low energy consumption Smallest footprint in the industry Extremely low volume of heat transfer fluid Use of perfluorinated fluid Improved accessibility and minimal cleanroom us No filters or DI components required High reliability and low operating costs Locally exchangeable modules for easy troubleshooting Dynamic, stable temperature control at the point of use Temperature drift prevention for stable etching profiles Improved wafer-to-wafer stability
Temperature Range: -20 to 90 °C
Certification: CE, SEMI S2 and SEMI F47 Compliant
Cooling Capacity: 4400 W at 20 °C
Process Cooling Fluid Flow: 8 Gal/min @ 40 psi [30L/min @ 207 kPa]
Height: 22 in [56 cm]
Width: 7.64 in [19.4 cm]
Depth: 11.8 in [30 cm]
Weight: 84 lb [38 kg]
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