Shrinking semiconductor device geometries - and their advancing technology node process requirements - require fast, accurate and precise temperature control. The LAUDA-Noah SemiStat and POU systems are designed to meet the challenge. let us show you how you can achieve unprecedented efficiency and flexible use of your valuable cleanroom space.

Our systems provide:

  • Fastest Temperature Response in the Industry for High Wafer-To-Wafer Repeatability
  • Zero Footprint with Cleanroom Subfloor Mounting
  • Reliable Solid-State Thermoelectric Design
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – Minimal Fluid Use, Low Power Consumption and Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Modular Design for Flexible Installation and Ease of On-Site Maintenance
  • No F-Gas or CFC usage - No Environmental Regulatory Headaches
  • Perfluorinated Fluid Compatible for High Dielectric Applications - No DI Filtering Required
  • Compatible with All Major Etch Tool Communication Standards
  • Localized Sales and Service Partners to Keep Your Cleanroom Running Efficiently 24-7
  • Compliance with International Standards for Quality, Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, and Environmental Compliance


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POU 3300 Thermoelectric TCS

Provides uniform and repeatable temperature control

POU 3500 Thermoelectric TCS

An ideal solution for Etch applications

Power Supply Controller

Incorporates state-of-the-art technology into a single, “universal” PSC